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Book of Odes · The Crane Cries

In the marsh the crane cries; Her voice is heard for miles.

Hid in the deep fish lives Or it swims by the isles.

Pleasant a garden’s made By sandal trees standing still

and small trees in their shade.

Stones from another hill May be used to polished jade.

In the marsh the crane cries;Her voice is heard on high.

By the isle the fish lies Or in tile deep near-by.

Pleasant the garden in our eyes Where sandal trees stand still

And paper mulberries ‘neath them.

Stones from another hill May be used to polished gem.

“Cranes Cry. High on the Clouds” — took its inspirations from the beautiful scene described in the poetry “Book of Poetry-Odes-The Crane Cries”. The beautiful wings of cranes or the elegance they display over the clouds inspired our designers, who were thus able to lend our shoes the lithe and dance-like bearings and the surreal grace of these elegant creatures as they spread their wings to fly.

Cranes Cry· High on the Clouds

Cranes Cry· High on the Clouds