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At Sheme, we always adhere to the exquisite craftsmanship that has been passed on from generation to generation and carried the spirit to the 2014 London fashion week. Linda Liu, founder of the brand, also attended the reception of the fashion show. With an excellent fashion taste, Sheme presented the whole impressive collection for Spring/Summer 2014, finishing the debut of a Chinese luxury shoe brand at four major international fashion week.


Named after a famous work of Chinese Kun Opera, the classic  collection “Peony Pavilion” was co-designed by Sheme and the famous fashion designer Ji Cheng. With a sincere dedication to embrace the profound and extensive Chinese culture, this collection reflected the beauty of Kun Opera through the modern fashion lens and brought out the untold charm of walking art. At the same time, the beauty of fashionable dress and the Oriental and Occidental appeal of women’s shoes shined through as the collection perfectly blended modern classic designs with traditional Chinese craftsmanship.  


Sheme seeks perfection with attention to details on everything from the choice of materials to colors, from the design of style to the strict tailoring on the fabric. With a focus on traditional Chinese embroidery, manual leather knotting and weaving, jade inlay among other handcrafting skills, Sheme inherits the exquisite workmanship perfectly. Its classic designs are embedded with a presence of a noble bearing from European design and an ever-lasting luxury quality, making them stand out with fascinating and unique appeal. 

September 16, 2013

London Fashion Week “Peony Pavilion”

2013 London Fashion Week

During the London Fashion Week, Sheme"s founder Linda watched the

“Ji Cheng Sheme 2014 Spring/Summer Catwalk Show” together with the

popular British vocal group Blake (Guest singers for the theme song of

the wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate)

Shows at London Fashion Week

Posters for London Fashion Week

At the Sheme Presentation in London Fashion Week, guests listened

carefully to the introduction and gave feedback as well as advice for Sheme

Sheme's founder Linda with Marin Hawkins, expert from Green Light Digital, the largest internet marketing company

Sheme's founder Linda with Alice Watt, representative for NET-A-PORTER, the premier online luxury fashion destination

Shoes at the Show

Sheme's founder Linda exchanging views with Francesca Fearon,

a famous fashion critic

Shoes at the Show

London Product Release Conference

Peony Pavillion Shanghai  Upcoming Products

Peony Pavillion Beijing Upcoming Products

Peony Pavillion Chengdu Upcoming Products