Founder of sheme (Linda)


Linda Liu is the founder of Sheme, an original luxury shoe brand from China. Media outside China described her as “a woman who loves shoes more than anything else in the world”. Linda not only spends her life in the shoe-making industry, she also imparts life to the shoes.

The inspiration behind the foundation of Sheme came in 1997 when one trip took her to Kenya, where she got struck by the beautiful and spectacular scene of thousands of flamingos making a fiery red display in the sky. She was told that the red color of flamingos’ feathers came from its own blood, and that these feathers would turn white if they are pulled out and lose the nourishment of the blood. Touched by the beauty, elegance, romance and passion in the story, she decided to share the pulsating vitality of flamingos to all elegant, independent women with excellent tastes in the world.

It’s been over 30 years since Linda first went into the shoe industry.In order to make Sheme a success, she travelled around the world in search for top designers and artisans as well as best materials. With a daring and creative spirit, she brings hope to the development of Sheme, which in turn, gives her the mission to pursue creative designing. From her, we can see an unequivocal and straightforward disposition. As she struggles for success, she never forgets her original aspiration. It’s a never ending journey for her to discover beauty and design creative & fashionable shoes for women. She has always been committed to the improvement of Sheme’s brand culture and the enrichment of creative design stories.