Guidance for Personalization

Our VIP services can customize the shoes in terms of size, color, materials and so on to meet your requirements and needs. With professional feet measuring and personalization service, we prepare you with shoes that can fit you in a comfortable way.

On Size

For shoes sold in stores, we can get you the size you need within the range from 33 to 39(21.5cm-29.5cm); for classic Sheme shoes, we provide personalization service with the size including 32, 32.5,33-39,39.5,40,41.


On Color

You can choose from the color cards we provide, and we will make the shoes for you using the same material.


On Material

If you love the design but do not like the material, we can make a new pair of shoes with another material, as long as it’s within the color options we have (Your detailed requirements should be given to the tech center in advance).


On Accessory

If you are into some accessories from other designs or you do not like some details on the shoes you choose, we can customize for you according to your preference or characteristics of your feet. (Your detailed requirements should be given to the tech center in advance)



For Example:


-Choose a new color from the given color cards (embroidery excepted)

-Add a new stripe to make the shoes fit you better

-Tweak the stripe, or change  the material, color, the length, and the position of eyelets


Personalization based on Shoe Trees

You can ask for another shoe tree according to your feet type s(except for sandals). If the girth or length of your favorite shoes can’t fit your feet well, we can also make another pair of shoes using a shoe tree that meet your needs. Please ask for more detailed information in our shops.



Our professional staff workers will measure your feet to design a pair of elegant shoes tailored for your preferences and tastes.




- 在色卡范围内更换鞋款颜色(刺绣款除外);

- 增加条带,使鞋履与您的双脚更加贴合;

- 条带修改,可更换面料、颜色、修改长度及更改打孔位置。