Sheme’s Celebrations Showing Love for “Her”

Release time:2018-06-27


The second Sunday of each May is “Her” Day. Who is she? She is the one who gives us warm hugs, who takes care of us with gentle hands, who becomes stronger while still sheds tears for us, who wears sunny and happy smiles when we make progress. She is our mother, our beloved angel.

With sincere respect and best wishes for all mothers, Sheme, together with Ping An Life Insurance,Ping An Bank, Development Bank of Singapore, and the clothing brand White Collar, held three celebration activities in Beijing and Shanghai on Mother's Day in 2018. Various activities such as catwalk shows, hand-painting silk scarves, dress collocation tips sharing, and special guests’ fashion show, presented a feast of senses for all viewers; we showed our hospitality for our guests by preparing silk scarves painted with flowers of Chinese gooseberries, bracelets with truelove knots, earrings and other delicate souvenirs, which also brought our hearts closer on this special day.


With a combination of touching feelings and elaborate designs, our works contain rich cultural connotations, in particular our silk scarves painted with flowers of Chinese gooseberries as well as bracelets with truelove knots. The silk scarf named “Angran (Exuberance)” was inspired by the famous specialty “Chinese gooseberries (kiwifruit)” from Xiang’e Village. The vitality and purity of its blossoms can also be found in women from this village, who are full of passion for life. The bracelets got inspirations from a line in a poetry written by Lin Bu from the Northern Song Dynasty, and this line reads “Tears from your eyes, tears from my eyes, could silken girdle strengthen our heart-to-heart ties?”. We redesigned the Chinese buttons usually seen in Cheongsam to express the lovers’ longing for a happy ending of their relationship. This work can also show your best wishes for loved ones, your family and friends.

At this point, the celebrations for Mother's Day have come to a close. Sheme is very honored to cooperate with Ping An Life Insurance, Ping An Bank, Development Bank of Singapore, and White Collar. We look forward to closer partnership in the future. Believing that a mother’s love for her children is the strongest in the world, we expect to join hands with more friends in celebrating this event in the future so as to express our affection for our mother!

key word: Sheme’s Celebrations Showing Love for “Her”