Designer Mary Ma Landing at “Shanghai Fashion Week” with Glittering Sheme Shoes

Release time:2018-06-27

Not long ago, the 24th International Fashion Forum at Shanghai International Fashion Cultural Festival & the 17th Greater Donghua Fashion Week under the theme of “Fashion Shanghai” came to a fitting finale. Invited by Donghua University as a special guest to close the whole shebang, Mary Ma’s gorgeous designs and Sheme’s shoes brought a visual feast of ethnic fashion for the audience. Bian Xiangyang, Vice President of China Fashion Association, Director of Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Fashion & Professor of Donghua University, presented the “2018 Shanghai Achievement Award of Fashion Design” to her.



In her 20 years’ presence in the fashion industry, Mary Ma has been using refreshing designs to combine Chinese traditional culture and international fashion trends with a dedicated and professional attitude. Each of her work would stun us with the charm of creative design. With shared goals and visions, Sheme and Mary Ma worked together to bring Chinese traditional culture onto the state of haute couture. Inspired by cultural sites from Di Qing, Yunnan Province in Southwestern China, she used different methods to display the ethnic appeal in a romantic way. With the usage of traditional handicrafts, the beauty of ethnic charm was fully reflected in both her designs and Sheme’s shoes.

key word: Designer Mary Ma Landing at “Shanghai Fashion Week” with Glittering Sheme Shoes