Let’s Meet at the Ancient Capital of Chang’an, a City with Beautiful Flowers and Romantic Stories

Release time:2018-06-27

Chang’an (today known as Xi’an), the ancient capital with long history and rich culture, is an integral part the world-renowned Chinese civilization. Lu Zhaolin, a poet from Tang Dynasty, once described Chang’an in his poetry—“streams of carriages crowding the criss-cross network of streets and lanes”. Today, the historical atmosphere in this ancient city can still transport people back to the bustling scene of that time. Sheme, dedicated to drawing inspirations from the Oriental charm, will flourish together with Xi’an SKP.


At Sheme, we always bend our efforts to help Chinese haute couture go international. With all works that fuse Chinese culture with international fashion elements, Sheme presente the “Oriental charm and Occidental taste” to viewers in Xi’an.

Sheme’s commitment to basing its original designs on Chinese traditional culture is most evident in the following elements from “plum blossom, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum” that are popular in Chinese culture to “peony pavillion” inspired by the Kun Opera, from “peony blossoms” portrayed in the realistic paintings of ancient times to “truelove knots” that hold people’s best wishes as well as “Book of Poetry” that contains beautiful lines. Added with exquisite craftsmanship and fashion elements, our gorgeous and artistic designs do not seem flamboyant but can definitely make you palpitate with excitement. Impressive details and meticulous coloring on the shoes blend the strong energy and simplicity perfectly. Messages for good luck have been injected into daily dresses, making the products chic and unique.


While incorporating the current fashion elements, it maintains the design style and characteristics of Sheme, and interprets the “art of walking” advocated by Sheme. In addition to the sheme2018 spring and summer wonderful shoes collective debut, sheme also designed the Xi'an SKP exclusive exclusive to celebrate the opening. Inspired by Xi'an's rich ancient temperament, the designer combines the classic elemental peony of Sheme to design the peony petals in a modern way. The combination of virtual and real embroidery stitches outlines the blend of ancient and modern, and the nude powder tone highlights the feminine temperament of modern elegance.

key word: Let’s Meet at the Ancient Capital of Chang’an, a City with Beautiful Flowers and Romantic Stories