2018 Spring/ Summer Upcoming Products— “Elegant Dance of the Crane ”

Release time:2018-06-26


As the exhibition on upcoming products for 2018 spring and summer came to a successful close, the new collection was officially released. During this event, models sashayed along the catwalk wearing Sheme shoes, presenting the elegance of our products to the guests. This collection took its inspirations from the beautiful scene described in the poetry “The Crane Cries” from “Book of Poetry”. The beautiful wings of cranes or the elegance they display over the clouds inspired our designers, who were thus able to lend our shoes the lithe and dance-like bearings and the surreal grace of these elegant creatures as they spread their wings to fly.


The Sheme SS 2018 collection chose “crane” as the design element for the shoes. By using embroidery techniques and Swarovski rhinestones, our products present the look of these creatures flying over the clouds, the elegance in their bearings, or the beautiful silhouettes of them spreading the wings. Miao Haiyan, the famous fashion designer focusing on Chinese traditional costumes and one who once provided services for APCE conference leaders, was invited by Sheme to present the beauty of Shanghai cheongsam and explain techniques and major materials used in traditional sewing. Under the instructions of Ms. Miao, our guests not only learned about the charm of Eastern attire, but also enjoyed a hand-on experience of painting silk scarves. These colorful silk scarves, custom-made by guests themselves, made them feel quite happy and proud. Many pleasant memories were made as we met each other like close friends in this fine and beautiful afternoon.

As we add some vogue elements, we also keep the style and features of Sheme alive— a perfect illustration of what Sheme advocates— “art of walking”. In addition to the presentation of Sheme SS 2018 collection, we also prepared the store in Xi'an SKP with an exclusive design to celebrate its opening. Inspired by the historic appeal of Xi'an, our designers combined the concept of “time-travel between modern and ancient times” with the the classic element peony, whose pedals were presented in a modern way. Several simple embroidery stitches sketch out the beauty of “modernity meeting history”, while shades of nude pink highlight the elegance of women in modern times.

key word: 2018 Spring/ Summer Upcoming Products— “Elegant Dance of the Crane ”