“The Floral Path— Culture Exhibition on Chinese Shoes in the History ”

Release time:2018-06-26

Co-sponsored by Chengdu Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, Chengdu Economic Daily, Harbin Museum of Culture of Chinese Shoes, Sichuan Museum of Jianchuan, Chengdu Shu Embroidey Museum and Chengdu Shu Brocade and Embroidery Museum, “the Floral Path— Culture Exhibition on Chinese Shoes in the History” kicked off in the Man Square of Taikoo Li, Chengdu on April 21.

Xu Liaoyuan (famous artsist), Yang Dequan (Curator of Chengdu Shu Embroidery Museum), Ma Huifeng (Curator of Museum of Culture of Chinese Shoes) and other luminaries in the fashion sector as well as friends from dozens of press organizations attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition.



Displayed in the modern exhibition hall are various types of shoes, ranging from embroidered ones that can only fit "three inches of Golden Lotuses" (woman's bound feet in feudal age) to the elegant high heels in modern times. All with distinctive stories, these masterpieces from different periods present the past history to us. Looking from the front door, pairs of exquisite shoes are displayed high and low on shoe shelves following the timeline of history. As modernity meets heritage in this presentation, these shoes take us on a “time travel” through thousands of years. These embroidery threads and stitches not only decorate life with art, but also help us pass on traditional crafts, which emanates a sense of quite beauty amid the vicissitudes of history. Those embroidered shoes, small and delicate, seem to transport us back to the foot-binding period in ancient China, while embroidery-made shoes of Sheme show us the fashion charm of “Oriental appeal and Occidental taste” in modern life.

key word: “The Floral Path— Culture Exhibition on Chinese Shoes in the History ”