Superb Craftsmanship! Stunning Shoes Reconstructing the Scene on Chinese Painting “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”

Release time:2018-04-26

  The Hundreds of Artisans of Jiangnan, an exhibition organized by China National Arts Fund, legacy brand Duo Yun Xuan, Duo Yun Xuan Art Center and Public Art Coordination Center (PACC), had a grand opening in Duo Yun Xuan Art Center on March 1st.


PACC Crossover Fashion Show for Intangible Assets attracted much attention. As an old friend of PACC, Sheme was invited once again to participate in the Opening Ceremony runway show.

Joining hands with inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, Sheme used exquisite skills and passionate designs to bring sensual enjoyment for all viewers at the show.

With shoe designs that boast charm of frontline fashion and exquisite skills of handicrafts, ancient tapestry and embroidery reemerge after living through hundreds years of vicissitudes. The fusion of modernity and heritage make it possible for us to learn about the touching stories and feel the beauty and purity of old times.

Chinese silk tapestry might have been based on some quite simple techniques, but it can also turn out vivid works of art in various forms.

Immense landscapes on the shoes mean that every step comes with tremendous power and poise in the future.

Seeing such a wonderful show reminded us of the 2 events Sheme and PACC had cooperated on before. Each time, Sheme was able to come up with fresh ideas when working with masters from different circles, thus setting examples for the art circle to conduct crossover cooperation.

Dusting off the gems of intangible assets, we once again integrate them into contemporary art works, showing the unlimited possibilities and promises of mixing traditional crafts with current lifestyle.

Miao Embroidery from Mountainous Regions Joining Hands With Modern Fashion

Based on the cross-functional team working on Chinese silk tapestry last year, we attempted to connect Miao Embroidery with other types of arts and crafts. At the invitation of PACC, Sheme designer Shan Qi, Shanghai cheongsam designer Miao Haiyan, inheritors of Miao Embroidery Yang Zaimei and Wu Bihua formed a new team and brought this wonderful workmanship hiding deep in the mountains to the fashion world of haute couture.

The innovation effort of the cross-functional team paid off as we witnessed the birth of “Happy Bird”, a collection on women’s shoes and formal attire. By the same token, the millennium-year-old “counted-thread embroidery”, a branch under Miao Embroidery in Southeastern Guizhou province, was perfectly integrated into Sheme’s design, from which we produced the “Dazzling Fashion” collection of shoes, leather bags and formal attire, presenting a unique fashion style juxtaposing the intangible cultural heritage and haute couture.

The collection “Happy Bird” originated from Miao’s fairy tale about phoenix, whose spirt has been a constant inspiration to women. In particular, it encouraged girls from remote areas to struggle for a better future in the tide of the times.

To present patterns on the upper part of the shoes, techniques of tapestry and embroidery from Miao ethnic group were used in this collection. With the combination of leather craft and various stitch methods from Miao, traditional totems from this group were displayed in an ingenious way.

At embroider Wu Bihua’s home, Sheme designers could feel the beauty of this ancient handicrafts—mixing abstract and concrete elements in such an imaginative way that people would be intrigued to explore more.

Traditional “counted-thread embroidery”, the art from deep mountains, was applied to fringing leather and then adorned by modern fashion elements such as rhinestones, making it all the more unique and stylish.

Chinese Silk Tapestry Reconstructing Mountains and Rivers Portrayed in Ancient Landscape Painting

Inspired by the Chinese painting “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”, Wang Jianjiang (the sixth generation in his family to inherit this Chinese silk tapestry) worked with designer Li Dan at Sheme and fashion designer Miao Haiyan on the collection themed “Landscape · Turquoise”. Using Chinese silk tapestry, they designed a collection of shoes, bags and formal attire, which will stun you with their strong energy and magnificent “landscape”.

With unique turquoise as the major color shade and piles of mountain rocks as the main design element, the upper part of the shoes present beautiful silhouette that resembles the smooth and graceful curves of mountain. Unique and exaggerated contours of the counter intensify the artistic appeal; the classic handmade leather belts look like frames around some ancient paintings, bringing refreshing elegance and antique simplicity to the shoes. The upper parts are adorned by stringed crystals against a background of spectacular landscapes, creating a vivid and tridimensional effect as trees’ shadows nearby overlap mountains in the distance.

This collection’s handbags for women got its inspirations from a small hillock portrayed in the painting “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”. The flap part of the bags was designed based on the simple curve of the front side of the hill, whose natural curvature forms a sharp contrast with the straight lines of the flap. Our artificers fringed the hillock design with exquisite leather processing techniques, giving the modern fashion bags some poetic appeal and pictorial mood.

Each initiative has brought Sheme many new partners who share similar ideals and beliefs with us. We always work together as true friends and provide the best talents we have to offer in our own fields. This cross-domain cooperation help blend together traditional art and modern art, which then add radiance to each other and illuminate the light of art for people's life.

key word: Superb Craftsmanship! Stunning Shoes Reconstructing the Scene on Chinese Painting “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”