“A Journey to the World”— Sheme 20-Year Retrospective Exhibition Held in Beijing SKP

Release time:2018-04-26

On March 8, a fashion & culture exhibition titled “A Journey to the World” was held at Lane K, 4th Floor, Beijing SKP, where Sheme revealed her mysterious beauty. Each exhibit tells a story, presenting every moment that is worth remembering in the past 20 years.

Sheme is the first Chinese luxury shoe brand with a presence in London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture. Our original shoes were housed by the nearly 100-year-old Deutsches Leder und Schuh Museum (German Leather and Shoes Museum). Although we have achieved our transformation long time ago, viewers can get a panoramic view about Sheme from this exhibition. Putting aside the awards and credit we received, it presented the true core of Sheme—our commitment to the inheritance and innovation for traditional crafts, our focus on culture, and our sincere craftsmanship and scrupulous and professional attitude all along the way.

With the vision to combine Oriental charm with international fashion design, we developed the brand concept of “walking art”. It’s our conviction that a brand driven by a strong spirit always has the power to make a difference in the world. This brand spirt, permeating every corner of the exhibition, touched all viewers present in the event.

Present in the exhibition were Sheme’s founder Linda, artificers at Sheme, Wu Yuying (representative inheritor of Shu Embroidery), Gianluigi Colombo (world-renowned master from Italy and now CTO of Sheme), as well as designers from Sheme. A lot of sheme VIP members, partners, friends from media, art lovers as well as fashionistas gathered together to appreciate the beauty of fine art.

Master Wu Yuying presented techniques of Shu Embroidery on the spot so that guests could have a closer look at the delicate and ingenious Shu Embroidery; Gianluigi Colombo, CTO of Sheme, talked about the culture of craftsmanship, making guests learn more about the connotations and hard work behind our products. Our values, exquisite skills and commitment to inheritance and innovation of traditional culture have all been shown to the viewers. It can be said that this exhibition deciphered our fashion codes to guests in a paronymic way.

Over the past few years, Sheme has joined hands with different design masters, bringing fresh ideas to “crossover art" with many stunning works.

In 2013, in collaboration with designer Ji Cheng, we landed at London Fashion Week with the collection “ Peony Pavilion”.

In 2015 and 2017 respectively, Sheme worked with Laurence Xu, famous designer from China, to present collections of “Dun Huang” and “2017 Laurence Xu Haute Couture Show” at Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture.



The same year 2015 saw Sheme represent China’s top handcrafts to display Chinese Embroidery and other exquisite crafts at Milano Expo 2015.

This exhibition A Journey to the World presented works over the past 20 years, which has been the period of fast growth for Sheme and a journey of pursuing dream for Linda. Now that her dream came true, she would work towards a greater goal. After all, art is boundless, so do inspirations.


  Sheme 2018 Spring / Summer “Cranes Cry”

  About Sheme and Founder Linda

  Sheme’s founder Linda was described by media outside China as “a woman who loves shoes more than anything else in the world”. Originating from a beautiful wish, Sheme has been using top-quality products to present the clients with time-honored Shu Embroidery and Miao Embroidery as well as other crafts. This not only epitomizes the brand commitment that Linda has embedded in Sheme, but also her original aspiration of founding Sheme. In her eyes, Sheme women are perfect incarnations of grace, independence and modern fashion .

  To fulfill her dream, she once spent 10 years visiting Milano, Paris, London and other places and successfully invited world-class designers and artisans to join Sheme with her ingenuity and sincerity. Young talents in China have also been attracted to become part of Sheme’s success story. Sheme has become a platform integrating art, culture and fashion with many miracles made for Chinese original design.

key word: “A Journey to the World”— Sheme 20-Year Retrospective Exhibition Held in Beijing SKP