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Over the millennia, Shu embroidery has been developing in the folk society and passed on through oral instruction, with many of its rare  stitches lacking systematic coaching. In May, 2006, Shu embroidery was included among the first batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage List proclaimed by the State Council. When it comes to modern times, standing up to the test of the industry and vicissitudes of history, Shu embroidery gradually expands to include over a hundred stitch methods under more than 10 categories, which are by no means replaceable! The network stitch that weaves embroidery threads into various geometric patterns remains the most distinctive one in Shu embroidery.


Sheme commits itself to the research on the creative application of  Shu embroidery. Led by the founder, the research team at Sheme-Wu Yuying Joint Studio spent years working on the project —“Collection, Illustration, Restoration and Creative Application of 100-odd Kinds of Network Stitch in Shu Embroidery”.  This effort is indeed a great contribution to the inheritance, development and innovation of intangible cultural heritage. In the project, with few Shu embroidery works from ancient times existing and limited information on stitch methods, our researchers combined knowledge from hundreds of books and papers with their own experiences, sorting out more than 100 methods on network stitches. Systematic analysis and exploratory researches were carried out from different perspectives such as interpretation of origins of all stitch methods, inquiry for historical documents, comparison between different embroidery objects and so on.  In the meantime, the book “ Works by Restored Network Stitches” was completed, representing an important milestone in the development of Shu embroidery in China. The successful research on the network stitch also sets the record as this’s the first of its kind. Sheme, bringing to itself the mission of "inheritance and development” of intangible cultural heritage, has presented to the world Shu embroidery on the international stage of all kinds of haute couture shows. 


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