Drums Boom· Oath

Drums Boom· Oath
Drums Boom· Oath
Drums Boom· Oath

This collection continues to draw inspirations from the Chinese classic “Book of Songs · Complaint of a Soldier”, another work in “Book of Poetry”. Touched by the promises made between the soldier and his family, lover and friends, our designers used flowers, butterflies, chains and other elements to present the concept of “oath” and the craving that one day they can have a happy reunion.

The emotions in the poetry has been expressed in a reserved but unequivocal manner with the usage of embroidery and Swarovski rhinestones. This collection is featured either by brightly colored delicacy or simple elegance as fine threads turn into vivid butterflies and considerate designs bring out graceful curves. With butterflies flying among these Swarovski crystals under the starry sky, these works remind you of that undying oath. Chains, weaved by using methods of making Chinese knot, inject traditional message for good luck into daily dresses, making the products chic and unique.

Book of Songs · Complaint of a Soldier

The drums are booming out; We leap and bound about.

We build walls high and low, But I should southward go.

 We follow Sun Zizhong To fight with Chen and Song.

I can not homeward go; My heart is full of woe.

Where stop and stay our forces, When we have lost our horses?

Where can we find them, please? Buried among the trees.

Meet or part, live or die; We made oath, you and I.

When can our hands we hold, And live till we grow old?

 Alas! so long we have parted, Can I live broken-hearted?

Alas, the oath we swore, Can be fulfilled no more.

Drums Boom· Oath
Drums Boom· Oath
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